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Working Groups

This WG approaches DRDs from the perspectives of methodologically-sound cross-linguistic analysis, and of psycholinguistic experimentation. Within the framework of the Action “best practices” will be confronted, including results on inter-annotator agreement, compatibility of the taxonomies with psycholinguistic findings, and performance on automatic sense annotation.

The WG will make recommendations for multi-layer annotation tools that support effective annotation of DRDs and relations across languages, tools for automating parts of the process to enable more efficient use of human annotators, and tools that can use the assigned metadata to integrate, and enable search over multiple DRD annotated corpora.

This WG is in charge of assembling a list of existing corpora in the various languages, checking copyright issues, and developing a systematic description of each in the form of standardised metadata (to support interoperable search and facilitate comparisons between languages, genres, modes, …). 

WG1: Resources

Based on a detailed study and comparison of both theoretical accounts and practical applications in already annotated corpora, this WG will work towards an interoperable conceptual framework for the multilingual annotation of the meanings conveyed by DRDs across European and non-European languages.

WG2: Interoperable Annotation Guidelines
WG3: Assessment of Empirical and Cognitive Soundness 
WG4: Tools
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