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WG 4: Tools

The first task of this WG is to oversee the construction and administration of the central web portal of the Action, which will provide pointers to all the resources collected by WG1, and make the findings of WG2 and WG4 readily available. The WG will make recommendations for multi-layer annotation tools that support effective annotation of DRDs and relations across languages, tools for automating parts of the process to enable more efficient use of human annotators, and tools that can use the assigned metadata to integrate, and enable search over multiple DRD annotated corpora.



•Creating a portal that documents available tools and resources and allows data sharing that respects standards and recommendations developed in the European CLARIN project for Language Technology infrastructure;

•Participating in the development of automated and semi-automated methods for identifying those elements in a language that serve as DRDs and for characterizing their semantic and pragmatic properties with respect to a shared annotation scheme (input to WG 2);

•Participating in the development of automated and semi-automated methods for rapidly annotating new discourse corpora (input to WG2). 

•Results will receive specific attention in the Training Schools and STSMs.

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