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WG 2: Interoperable Annotation Guidelines

Based on a detailed study and comparison of both theoretical accounts and practical applications in already annotated corpora, this WG will work towards an interoperable conceptual framework for the multilingual annotation of the meanings conveyed by DRDs across European and non-European languages. This includes developing guidelines and recommendations for:

•definitions of DRDs and criteria for identifying them in text;

•an interoperable taxonomy of discourse relational meaning conveyed by DRDs, (partial) equivalences between these labels and those used by the different theories of discourse.


•Recommending a minimal cross-linguistic set of DRDs to annotate, and a process to follow for identifying them in context, that takes advantage of what has been learned in previous corpus annotation;

•Encouraging discussion with researchers working on topical and functional structure of texts and other records of language use, to understand their inter-relationship;

•Identifying commonalities and differences in the schemes used for annotating DRDs;

•Devising a sharable annotation scheme, that can evolve over time as it is applied to corpora across additional languages and genres

•Devising and applying methods for cross-linking and deriving information from annotated corpora across languages and genres

•Manual for Discourse Annotation (ISOcat proposal for discourse categories)

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